Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What has happened to my brother in the last few days...

My brother is a Sr. Manager in SendOutCards.  He has been on a rollercoaster ever since he got into SendOutCards, just like most of us.

He does SendOutCards for awhile and then life gets in the way.  Then he starts up again and once again life gets in the way. You know what I am talking about.  You have been there or you’re there, right?

Well, Monday I was giving him a little tough love.  I said, "Terry, when are you going to pull your head out and start treating your SendOutCards business like a business?" (Now I can talk to my brother that way because he is my brother!) 

He said, "DeMarr, I am just not as good as you are with words. I want to do it, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say!"

I said, "Terry, have you been reading my blog posts or listening to what I have been telling you?"

He said something that made me realize that he was listening, but he was not hearing what I was saying!

In reply I said, "Terry, I want you to go read the posts on my blog right now and I want you to listen this time to what they are saying! Call me right back when you are done!" I hung up.

I was frustrated because I knew my brother could have the same level of success I have had if he would listen to what I was saying and realize that all I was asking him to do was to follow a system.  If he did follow it, he would see success!

Terry called me back and said, "DeMarr, I hear what you are saying, but it can’t be that simple."

"Oh Terry, but it is!" I told him. "It is that easy! Terry, how many times do you go to the local grocery store and run into people you know? How many times do you go to your daughter's soccer game and run into people you know? How many times have you been to a gas station near your home, or the mall, or Costco and you run into people you know?”

He thought for a minute and said, "A lot more often than I probably realize."

"Terry, I want you to reread the posts on my blog and follow the way I do it to a tee!" He said, "Okay."

I said, "Everywhere you go you take a couple of the new Opportunity and FastStart guides with you.  When you run into someone you know and they ask you what you are up to, give them the guide and have them read the questions on the first page. Promise me you are going to do this!" I said, "Rewrite your list of people and call them. Tell them you want to drop by something for them to look at.  When you arrive, give them the guide and have them read the 3 questions.  If they say yes to question 3 leave it with them.  If not, give them your website and let them send a card." I said, "Terry, will you do this?"

He committed. 

Then I said, "I want you to give the Opportunity and FastStart guide to two people a day.  I want you to have 10 in play every week. Will you commit?"

He committed.

Here is the rest of the story you don’t want to miss. It is now Wednesday and here is what has happened in the last two days…

Terry called me Monday night and said, "DeMarr, you are not going to believe this…I had to go to the grocery store tonight.  On the way out the door I remembered the commitment I made to you so I ran back in the house and got 2 Opportunity and FastStart guides.  When I got to the store I put them in my back pocket. As I was getting the last few items, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for 3 years. He was a neighbor that had moved away and was visiting some of my neighbors and had gone to get something at the store. We both asked ‘What are do doing here?’  I then reached into my pocket and gave him the booklet.  I told him to open it and read the 3 questions.  He did and answered yes to the third question and wanted to watch the video."

My brother proceeded to tell him he only had a few of the guides and he needed it back in a few days. They exchanged numbers and were on their way.

Yesterday Terry called two people on his list and asked them if he could drop something by for them to look at. Of course, they wanted to know what it was.  It took everything he had to maintain his posture and not spill the beans!

When he went over to the houses, he gave them the Opportunity and FastStart guide and asked them to open it and read the 2 questions. Both of the people he gave the guide to were interested and agreed to watch the DVD.  He said he would need it back in the next couple of days.

My brother is lit up like a light bulb right now. He has said to me many times in the last two days, "DeMarr, it really is that easy isn't it? I really have been making it too hard!"

This stuff is working! You can't make this stuff up.

My brother is in the beginning stages of prospecting or inviting people to take a look using the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide.  He signed up a new rep about 2 weeks ago.  He went over to his house last night and gave him 10 Opportunity and FastStart guides and told the story of what happened to him. Now this is the beginning of real duplication in his business!

I am sooo excited for my brother and anyone else who will follow his lead!


  1. Wow - I needed this today DeMarr! What a great post! I think we all try to make it too hard:) Thanks

  2. DeMarr, we so lucky to have you as a leader in this great company.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. We often complicate things that are very simple to do, and it's great to be reminded of the simplicity of SOC. Love it!

  4. Just after reading this I had an old friend come into my produce stand. He was a successful construction manager until the building market tanked. He told me he was now working at Lowes making just enough to get buy. I walked him to my truck and gave him the new fast start tool. His eyes lit up and we talked for 45 minutes about how he was sincerely seeking a great opportunity with a mlm company. He said it was fate that led our paths together today. He promised to look at the material and go to the SOC luncheon next week. You can't say the wrong thing to the right person! He is super excited to get started. This works! Thanks for the blog post Demarr!