Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some of my secrets! Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

I had someone ask me yesterday how I got so many points in the Eagle’s Challenge? Ok, I am going to tell you a few of my secrets…

From the words of Dave and Gina Domangos, “I am taking massive action!” I have been working harder and spending more time every day than I have ever done with my Sendoutcards business. I was calculating the countless hours I spend and WOW! It amounts to a whopping 2 to 4 hours a day of actually building my business. It is far from the full time I thought I was working it but, I am consistent and I am focused during those hours I am working my business. I don’t waist a lot of time “getting ready to get ready”. I take massive action during those precious 2 to 4 hours everyday!

Every Sunday night or early Monday morning I have created a habit of going over my master list. I have noticed I am constantly racking my brain of who I know and I write them down on a 3 x 5 card as soon as a person comes to my mind. I don’t wait to call them either.

Last week I was thinking of an old friend I grow up with in my neighborhood. I have run in to him a few times over the years, forgotten I had his cell number and called him up. I asked him what he was doing. Within in 20 minutes we met and he was signed up. Come to find out, he was looking for something on the side. If I wouldn’t of acted, I may have missed the chance to partner up with him in Sendoutcards and help him get started.

I remember a seminar I went to about 15 years ago with Brian Tracy. He said, “If you move toward success, success moves toward you”. I have found that if I just focus on thinking of people I know, write them down on my list, call them, not worrying about the results just the activity, my mind is opened to new people that have been in the cobwebs of my brain waiting to come out. Success moves towards me as I continually write and rewrite my list of people. But, if I wait to contact them or hesitate, the flow of names seems to stop, almost like success is saying, “I can’t move towards you unless you think, write and take action!”

Another thing I do is have a stack of FastStart CD and guides with plenty of DVDs. I have to admit, I fell like I cheated a bit on Friday. I was at the Sendoutcards office and the new Opportunity and FastStart booklet had just come in and I bought 100 of them before they even got out of the box!

I wish I could take credit for it, but this is SuperDave Smith and Kody Bateman’s brainchild. It is SOOOOO EASY TO USE!

I was in the grocery store Saturday night. I am telling you, as you move toward success, success moves towards you. Yes, I had just written down a neighbors name on a 3 x 5 cards and who I ran into at the store? You got it, my neighbor! So, he asks me what I am doing and I say, “looking for you!” He chuckled and I said, “I am not kidding. I was thinking about you and wrote your name down on this 3 x 5 card.” (as I pulled it out of my pocket) “See there is your name!” He asked, “Why?” (I have learned to take a few of the FastStart guides with me, no matter were I go, even in the store!) I grabbed a guide out of the top of the shopping cart and said, “Open it up to the first page and read the right side.” He did. I asked him what the answer to the 3rd question was. He said, “yes!” I told him to take the booklet and watch the DVD on the inside and call me tonight once you have watched it. I told him I only had a few and needed it back. About an hour later I got a call…

“DeMarr, this is Mark”. I asked, “Did you watch it?” He said, “Yes.” (Before he could say anything else) I said, “Do you have the booklet handy?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Mark, if you turn to the next page you will see a statement that says there are 3 types of people who join Sendoutcards…will you read that to me.” He did. I then asked, “Which one are you?” He said, “2.” I asked him if he wanted to get started tonight. He told me he didn’t have the money right now, but he would be getting paid in a week. I said, “Great! Let’s get you started with the 5 action steps so you are read to when you get paid. I then had him turn to the FastStart guide and asked him to review the guide and the DVD over the next few days. He said, “I thought you needed this back?” I told him, “Only if you weren’t interested so I could give it to the next person on my list.” He laughed.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen all the time. Yesterday, I had two people read the questions on the inside of the guide and handed the guide back and they said it wasn’t for them.

Two things you need to understand…I use the opportunity and FastStart CD and guide religiously and I pass them out everyday!

I hope this helps you out on your journey to success with your Sendoutcards business.

P.S. Excuse the spelling and grammatical error. I usually charge for then, but no charge today. :)


  1. This does help me in my journey. Thanks, DeMarr!

  2. Well-written 1st blog post DeMarr. Your authenticity always shines through, and your ability to simplify is always an inspiration. Congratulations on your newly re-energized fire, and way to go on helping your 3 get 3!

    Much Continued Success!
    Todd Schager

  3. A blogging you will go! Have fun, Demarr.

  4. Thank you are an inspiration! I look forward to your next "secret" and appreciate your willingness to share.

    Make It A Great Day!

    Theresa Clement Bates

  5. ALWAYS AN EAGLE! Thanks DeMarr!

  6. Thank You DeMarr! Very nicely (and simply) said :-)

  7. Thanks so much DeMarr. The teaching through your stories is one of the traits I most appreciate about you.

    Judy Sabah

  8. DeMarr you are a true inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    With a smile,

    Gail Foley

  9. Very Cool DeMarr, Love the info!

  10. Thanks DeMarr, Nothing like "keeping it simple"..Problem I am having is "it is easy to do but it is also easy not to do"- I GOTTA GET OVER THAT!!!!-------NOW

  11. Cool, DeMarr...glad to see you starting a blog! If you are interested in learning more, I invite you to check out my free webinar 'Blogging 101' in about a month:

  12. That is great. Congratulations DeMarr. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I look forward to reading more of your posts that I can act on to help me move towards success and to on day be an eagle also.
    Dee :)

  13. Very Good!! Thanks

  14. DeMarr: Thank You for being you. Kathryn Asaro Mayers

  15. Always an Eagle!
    DeMarr this blog is the best explain I could imagine about why that is so!

    Keep SOCin & Soarin!

  16. Damarr,

    Thanks for sharing your success tips. I am going to use them religously. Please update your blog regularly so that I have all your tips in one place. I am pulling these off and using them as training.

    To your success!


  17. DeMarr great first blog post. It is extremely helpful. You actually tell us how to use the CD's in conversation. I like the idea of the 3x5 cards for each person. Once again, great job!

  18. Very good for your first blog!

    I can't wait for #2!

    I am going to use these tools too.

    Don Deasy

  19. Is the new Opportunity and FastStart booklet that Koday and Super Dave came up with available for the rest of us to purchase?

  20. A great first blog! I'm ordering my fast star packets today!You continue to inspire me. Carol

  21. GREAT 1st blog! I'm looking forward to learning more. Question: on that 3 x5 card are you putting one name per card OR just adding names to the card as you think of people and then contacting them? What kind of follow-up system do you use to keep track of where you are in the process with people? Perhaps a future blog topic. Thanks! again! DeMarr

  22. Great first blog! You encouraged me!

  23. Dave Smith-silly man-a Demarr is a success-thanks for sharing DeMarr-can't wait to see all you guys this month!!!!
    Bev from Florida

  24. DeMar - I have heard you speak from your heart. Today, with your first new blog, I noticed you also write with your heart....and your easy approach always gets me to focus on Send Out Cards. Thanks!

  25. Thanks DeMarr, I have learned so much from you and am putting it into action every day! Thanks for teaching and leading all of us!

  26. DeMarr if you are going to start a blog then catch up with the times, do a video blog. Heck I'll help you!

    In Cali, following Eagles as I jump out of the nest learning to fly!

    Thanks for your leadership.


  27. DeMarr,
    Thanks for the great 1st blog and for sharing your everyday conversations. I have been making warm market calls this week and it is not as scary as I made it out to be in my head. Fred and I respect you very much.

  28. Nice blog DeMarr! I enjoyed reading your secrets...time to get to work!
    Live Today...Enjoy Life!

  29. You should've be allowed to have so much fun in this biz, DeMarr! ;)

  30. Thanks DeMarr, your blog is perfect and helpful. This written blog format works just fine, and I don't need a video blog to 'see & hear' you. SOC is all new to me and your time putting up this blog is much appreciated. Your simplicity is inspiring! ~Lori

  31. Demarr, in addition to being the cutest guy in SOC (as confirmed by the women in SOC) you also share great insight! thanks :)

  32. Hey DeMarr, thanks for sharing, always great to hear success in action stories!

  33. mpollardcardguy, yes all the new faststart CD and guides have the new stuff.

    Viki, I have use that method for year. I have recipe box and taps 1 thru 31 and Jan thru Dec. As I am to call back or set an appointment, I file them in the days and month.

    I have one card per person and I keep notes on them.

  34. Thanks for keeping it sooooo simple! Are you still sending out lots of brownies too? I think that's our "secret" to sweet success! See you at the convention! :)

  35. Thanks you for the help and advise that you share! Just have learn to pick up the phone!

  36. DeMarr, Thanks for the blogg! Great!! I already have the Quick start Guide and so have a question. In the guide that I have there are no questions on the right hand side of the frist page and no DVD on the inside just your CD Fast Track Guide as quoted in the above remarks - are there more that one Fast track guides or do you take the CD out and put the DVD in?

  37. If you watched last week's SOCTV, Kody showed the new guide.

    Yes this is new. The new (old) one works, but the new one is what you want to use.

    I contribute winning the computer a direct result of myself and my new team using the guide.

  38. DeMarr, I'm joining the chorus of 'thank yous.' When I got my Fast Start video I listened to it repeatedly in the car, until the content felt familiar and second nature. Thanks for that and for the blog. I so appreciate the mentoring you're providing!

  39. DeMarr, I totally LOVE your simplicity of action. I also totally LOVE the simplicity of your Blog here. Keep it Simple, keep it effective, and keep it from the heart. Thanks for all you do! I just recieved my 10 Fast Start copies this afternoon. Going to be Minus 2 of them before the end of the day tomorrow. That is my mission.

  40. Hi DeMarr,

    On average how many people say yes to the third question?

    ~ David

  41. David, It real depends on the day. I just got off the phone with one of my distributors who just started and it took 5 people to get 3 yeses.

    I had 2 people read the 3 questions today and they both said yes to the 3rd question.

    The most I have ever had to talk to was 6 in a day.

  42. DeMarr,

    What has been your experience with the new Fast Start Guide over the phone? I have a fairly large warm market list but most of them are not in my immediate area.

    Thanks for your insights and the help you're giving all of us!


  43. Thanks for sharing this experience.

    Jeff Prow

  44. Hi DeMarr,
    I'm excited to hone my skills with your technique and have 20 new DVD/CD sets now sitting on my desk. I've tried out your approach today, and have a couple questions which I hope you will address on tonight's call:
    1) The bulk of my warm market is stay-at-home-moms. When they say "no" to question #3, (using your method), do I just move on OR implement a follow up process to hopefully achieve some kind of sale later on.

    2) I'm fairly new in my town - so I have a fairly small, local network. However, I meet lots of moms all the time - sometimes only ONCE, sometimes only briefly. What are ways you have seen "moms" capitalize on these opportunities? Or, do you have any suggestions?

    3) Would you role play or tell more stories about how you approached folks in your Warm List with whom you had not spoken in a very long time (i.e. 2+ years)? Calling someone up and "sharing" SOC out of the blue feels too forward to this gal. (Do I need an attitude adjsutment?;-) )

    Kelly Harrell

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