Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What happened to Joe over the weekend?

It is always interesting to me how many people want to tweak or change things that already work. In other words, why do they want to complicate things?

Friday I had a distributor in my organization call me and tell me he was not having any success with using the Opportunity and FastStart Guide. I asked him to explain what he was doing so I could understand what was going wrong for him.

He has given me permission to relate the conversation, but has asked me not to disclose his name. So, I will use the name "Joe". Here was our conversation…

"DeMarr, I have been trying to use the FastStart guide and I am just not getting it to work for me! What am I doing wrong?"

"Well Joe, let me ask you a few questions…do you have the new Opportunity and FastStart guide?"

"No. I have the old ones and decided I would use those up first."

"You can do that Joe, but I suggest you buy 10 of the new ones and use the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide.  But, before we talk about that, tell me what you are saying."

"I call them up and tell them I have a new business opportunity I want to show them."

"What happens after that, Joe?"

"They usually start asking me questions and I try not to answer, but they always seem to get answers out of me.  I end up telling them all about it and never get a chance to give them the tool. How do you not say anything???"

"Joe, I see what is going on. Let me help you. If I give you a hammer and a nail and ask you to hammer the nail in a piece of wood, what would you do?"

"I would start hammering the nail into the wood."

"Yes, but what if you never knew which end of the hammer to use and you started to use the wrong end of the hammer?"

"It wouldn’t work very well!"

"You're right Joe, it wouldn't! The Opportunity and FastStart Guide is the hammer. I just need to help you understand how to use it. I want you to look at using the Opportunity and FastStart Guide as a tool or system. Let the tool do the talking and the walking. As I say in the FastStart CD…"The more you say the less you make!" You must posture yourself and DON'T GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS! Remember the phrase, "I need to show you, it's 90% visual." Posture! Posture! Posture! Let the tool do the talking.

I want you to read posts on my blog. You will find that the success is in letting the tool ask the 3 questions. Let the tool explain the 3 questions and let the tool find out what type of person they are. Let the tool do it. You are just having to turn pages and read!

Joe, I am going to give you an assignment for the weekend…

I want you to read and reread the 3 posts I have on my blog.

I want you to listen to the FastStart CD again.

I am going to come over to your house and give you 5 of the new guides and I want you to hand out 3 of them before the weekend is over. I don't want you to do anything, but let them read the 3 questions, have them watch the video and then, have them read the 3 types of people and ask them, "Which one are they?"

I want you to focus on "2 a day, 10 in play!"

Do what it says in the blog posts and use the CD to learn how to follow up.

"Joe, will you report back to me on Monday? If you have any questions, I want you to call me over the weekend."

I dropped by Joe's house Friday afternoon. He wasn’t home, but I left the 5 new Opportunity and FastStart guides on the porch. I didn’t hear a word from Joe all weekend.

Yesterday around 6:00 p.m. I got a call from Joe. He actually gave all 5 of the guides out over the weekend and told me he got 2 back and has someone who is signing up Wednesday.

Joe, also told me he was going to get 20 more of the Opportunity and FastStart Guides and try to get 20 out a week!

Here are the odds folks…

If you use the Opportunity and FastStart Guide and put "2 a day and 10 in play," look at this as a shorting business and try not to convince everyone around you that they NEED to do this, the tool will do the talking. 

1 to 3 people who watch the DVD will sign up and if you teach those who you sponsor to do the same, they will have the same results.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it!

For 30 days hand out 2 of the opportunity and FastStart guides out to people who are within a 50 mile radius. For 30 days let the tool do the talking and say as little as possible and post on this blog your results.

I challenge you to do this.

And if you're a salesman or think you are better than this, I double challenge you to follow the system I have described on the posts here and teach your team to do the same and see if your duplication does do better!


  1. Thanks for another great blog post! Real life examples are so inspirational and I think most of us can totally identify with "Joe."

  2. I know that Joe as you call him in this post is going to do great with SendOutCards...he is through convincing and is an incredible sorter. We are in the sorting business not the selling business.
    Posture is king!

  3. DeMarr, how would you use this on an out-of-town prospect? (Say, you facebooked them and they are open to talk).

  4. hand out the fast start guide to a person who is not already a SOC distributor? I don't get that? isn't the fast start guide a tool for a new distributor to use?

  5. Great challenge DeMarr! Very simple tool. Frank, the tool is used to qualify a prospect first by asking the 3 questions. If the prospect says yes to the 3rd then you give him the Opportunity & Fast start guide to review the product and opportunity, all they have to do is repeat what you did! Read the other links posted. Simple tools for simple people like me!

  6. Another wonderful post, Demarr. Wayne and I are one person away from Senior Manager and will certainly be implementing this simple system to grow our business out here in Waynesville, NC. On a side note, Demarr - I would be happy to re-design your blog for you - that is what I do for a living (until SOC takes over!) and I'd be glad to do it at no charge for all the wonderful help you've given us! Let me know: Mandy@TwoCupsConnect.com. Hugs to you all!

  7. Do you have any experiences you can share about using this tool on the phone or with someone you contact via one of the social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?