Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What happened to Joe over the weekend?

It is always interesting to me how many people want to tweak or change things that already work. In other words, why do they want to complicate things?

Friday I had a distributor in my organization call me and tell me he was not having any success with using the Opportunity and FastStart Guide. I asked him to explain what he was doing so I could understand what was going wrong for him.

He has given me permission to relate the conversation, but has asked me not to disclose his name. So, I will use the name "Joe". Here was our conversation…

"DeMarr, I have been trying to use the FastStart guide and I am just not getting it to work for me! What am I doing wrong?"

"Well Joe, let me ask you a few questions…do you have the new Opportunity and FastStart guide?"

"No. I have the old ones and decided I would use those up first."

"You can do that Joe, but I suggest you buy 10 of the new ones and use the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide.  But, before we talk about that, tell me what you are saying."

"I call them up and tell them I have a new business opportunity I want to show them."

"What happens after that, Joe?"

"They usually start asking me questions and I try not to answer, but they always seem to get answers out of me.  I end up telling them all about it and never get a chance to give them the tool. How do you not say anything???"

"Joe, I see what is going on. Let me help you. If I give you a hammer and a nail and ask you to hammer the nail in a piece of wood, what would you do?"

"I would start hammering the nail into the wood."

"Yes, but what if you never knew which end of the hammer to use and you started to use the wrong end of the hammer?"

"It wouldn’t work very well!"

"You're right Joe, it wouldn't! The Opportunity and FastStart Guide is the hammer. I just need to help you understand how to use it. I want you to look at using the Opportunity and FastStart Guide as a tool or system. Let the tool do the talking and the walking. As I say in the FastStart CD…"The more you say the less you make!" You must posture yourself and DON'T GIVE IN TO THE PRESSURE OF ANSWERING QUESTIONS! Remember the phrase, "I need to show you, it's 90% visual." Posture! Posture! Posture! Let the tool do the talking.

I want you to read posts on my blog. You will find that the success is in letting the tool ask the 3 questions. Let the tool explain the 3 questions and let the tool find out what type of person they are. Let the tool do it. You are just having to turn pages and read!

Joe, I am going to give you an assignment for the weekend…

I want you to read and reread the 3 posts I have on my blog.

I want you to listen to the FastStart CD again.

I am going to come over to your house and give you 5 of the new guides and I want you to hand out 3 of them before the weekend is over. I don't want you to do anything, but let them read the 3 questions, have them watch the video and then, have them read the 3 types of people and ask them, "Which one are they?"

I want you to focus on "2 a day, 10 in play!"

Do what it says in the blog posts and use the CD to learn how to follow up.

"Joe, will you report back to me on Monday? If you have any questions, I want you to call me over the weekend."

I dropped by Joe's house Friday afternoon. He wasn’t home, but I left the 5 new Opportunity and FastStart guides on the porch. I didn’t hear a word from Joe all weekend.

Yesterday around 6:00 p.m. I got a call from Joe. He actually gave all 5 of the guides out over the weekend and told me he got 2 back and has someone who is signing up Wednesday.

Joe, also told me he was going to get 20 more of the Opportunity and FastStart Guides and try to get 20 out a week!

Here are the odds folks…

If you use the Opportunity and FastStart Guide and put "2 a day and 10 in play," look at this as a shorting business and try not to convince everyone around you that they NEED to do this, the tool will do the talking. 

1 to 3 people who watch the DVD will sign up and if you teach those who you sponsor to do the same, they will have the same results.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it!

For 30 days hand out 2 of the opportunity and FastStart guides out to people who are within a 50 mile radius. For 30 days let the tool do the talking and say as little as possible and post on this blog your results.

I challenge you to do this.

And if you're a salesman or think you are better than this, I double challenge you to follow the system I have described on the posts here and teach your team to do the same and see if your duplication does do better!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What has happened to my brother in the last few days...

My brother is a Sr. Manager in SendOutCards.  He has been on a rollercoaster ever since he got into SendOutCards, just like most of us.

He does SendOutCards for awhile and then life gets in the way.  Then he starts up again and once again life gets in the way. You know what I am talking about.  You have been there or you’re there, right?

Well, Monday I was giving him a little tough love.  I said, "Terry, when are you going to pull your head out and start treating your SendOutCards business like a business?" (Now I can talk to my brother that way because he is my brother!) 

He said, "DeMarr, I am just not as good as you are with words. I want to do it, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say!"

I said, "Terry, have you been reading my blog posts or listening to what I have been telling you?"

He said something that made me realize that he was listening, but he was not hearing what I was saying!

In reply I said, "Terry, I want you to go read the posts on my blog right now and I want you to listen this time to what they are saying! Call me right back when you are done!" I hung up.

I was frustrated because I knew my brother could have the same level of success I have had if he would listen to what I was saying and realize that all I was asking him to do was to follow a system.  If he did follow it, he would see success!

Terry called me back and said, "DeMarr, I hear what you are saying, but it can’t be that simple."

"Oh Terry, but it is!" I told him. "It is that easy! Terry, how many times do you go to the local grocery store and run into people you know? How many times do you go to your daughter's soccer game and run into people you know? How many times have you been to a gas station near your home, or the mall, or Costco and you run into people you know?”

He thought for a minute and said, "A lot more often than I probably realize."

"Terry, I want you to reread the posts on my blog and follow the way I do it to a tee!" He said, "Okay."

I said, "Everywhere you go you take a couple of the new Opportunity and FastStart guides with you.  When you run into someone you know and they ask you what you are up to, give them the guide and have them read the questions on the first page. Promise me you are going to do this!" I said, "Rewrite your list of people and call them. Tell them you want to drop by something for them to look at.  When you arrive, give them the guide and have them read the 3 questions.  If they say yes to question 3 leave it with them.  If not, give them your website and let them send a card." I said, "Terry, will you do this?"

He committed. 

Then I said, "I want you to give the Opportunity and FastStart guide to two people a day.  I want you to have 10 in play every week. Will you commit?"

He committed.

Here is the rest of the story you don’t want to miss. It is now Wednesday and here is what has happened in the last two days…

Terry called me Monday night and said, "DeMarr, you are not going to believe this…I had to go to the grocery store tonight.  On the way out the door I remembered the commitment I made to you so I ran back in the house and got 2 Opportunity and FastStart guides.  When I got to the store I put them in my back pocket. As I was getting the last few items, I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for 3 years. He was a neighbor that had moved away and was visiting some of my neighbors and had gone to get something at the store. We both asked ‘What are do doing here?’  I then reached into my pocket and gave him the booklet.  I told him to open it and read the 3 questions.  He did and answered yes to the third question and wanted to watch the video."

My brother proceeded to tell him he only had a few of the guides and he needed it back in a few days. They exchanged numbers and were on their way.

Yesterday Terry called two people on his list and asked them if he could drop something by for them to look at. Of course, they wanted to know what it was.  It took everything he had to maintain his posture and not spill the beans!

When he went over to the houses, he gave them the Opportunity and FastStart guide and asked them to open it and read the 2 questions. Both of the people he gave the guide to were interested and agreed to watch the DVD.  He said he would need it back in the next couple of days.

My brother is lit up like a light bulb right now. He has said to me many times in the last two days, "DeMarr, it really is that easy isn't it? I really have been making it too hard!"

This stuff is working! You can't make this stuff up.

My brother is in the beginning stages of prospecting or inviting people to take a look using the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide.  He signed up a new rep about 2 weeks ago.  He went over to his house last night and gave him 10 Opportunity and FastStart guides and told the story of what happened to him. Now this is the beginning of real duplication in his business!

I am sooo excited for my brother and anyone else who will follow his lead!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always an Eagle with Sendoutcards: Simple tools for simple people like me!

Always an Eagle with Sendoutcards: Simple tools for simple people like me!: "I feel so strong about the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide I have to write about it. If you haven’t got it, you need to go to purchase ..."

Simple tools for simple people like me!

I feel so strong about the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide I have to write about it.

If you haven’t got it, you need to go to purchase products and get at least 10 of them! Kody and the team have done a great job of making this the best recruiting tool in the industry!

I have been using it and it has to be the easy tool I have ever used!!!

Here is what it looks like…

When you open to the first page the Opportunity DVD is attached to the left side and you see this on the right side...

three questions

1. Do you buy greeting cards or gifts?

2. Do you know anyone who buys greetings cards or gifts?

3. How would you like to get a percentage of every card or gift you buy or anyone else you know buys?

If you answered yes to question #3, watch the DVD and feel the magic!

When you turn the page again you see this on the left side...

three types of people

Three types of people who get involved in SendOutCards:

1. Someone who just wants to send cards and gifts.

2. Someone who wants to use the service and supplement their household income.

3. Someone who is serious about a “Plan B”, wants a lifestyle change and is interested in building a full time business.

On the right side you see this...

which one are you?

The question you need to ask yourself is, which one are you?

Turn the page again and you see this...

The rest of the booklet is the FastStart Guide and CD.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to show you how easy it is to use this tool.

I carry these every were I go! I have some at my house, I have them in my truck, I have them in my computer bag and as I said in my last blog, I put them in my shopping cart when I go shopping (you never know hwo you are going to run in to).

I have taken on the philosophy of "2 a day, 10 in play" with this new prospecting tool. My goal is to get 2 of these in the hands of 2 people every day and have 10 in play at all times.

The key to this is to BORROW or LEND them out. don't just give them away.

Another key is, I let the tool do the talking and the walking. Let me explain...

I was on the plane going to Connecticut Thursday. I was talking to the lady next to me and she asked what I did for a living. You would think the logical thing to would to explain. I reached into my computer bag and said, "This can explain what I do a lot better than I can." I had her turn to the first page and read the 3 questions and then asked her if yes was the answer to question # 3. He said, "Yes" and then asked her if she wouldn't mind watching the video to explain the rest of what I do. She said, "Sure!" I noticed she had an Ipod. So, I pulled out my laptop and had her watch the video.

After she watched the video, I had her turn the page of the booklet and read the 3 types of people and then I asked her "which of the 3 she was". He said a 2. I then had her turn the page again. I asked if she wanted to get started right now. She explained that she needed to talk to her husband, but really was excited!

Now listen very carefully...I said, I will give you this booklet so you can let your husband watch the DVD. I said, fill out the sign up form and take it home with you. She did.

After she filled it out, I explained that the rest of the booklet tell what we do. I asked her if she felt she could do what I had just done with her. She agreed that she could.

My new friend lives in Bountiful Utah, about 20 minute away from my house. We are going to get together on Tuesday.

I have been doing this every since the new opportunity and faststart became available.

I am telling you it works and it works well!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some of my secrets! Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

I had someone ask me yesterday how I got so many points in the Eagle’s Challenge? Ok, I am going to tell you a few of my secrets…

From the words of Dave and Gina Domangos, “I am taking massive action!” I have been working harder and spending more time every day than I have ever done with my Sendoutcards business. I was calculating the countless hours I spend and WOW! It amounts to a whopping 2 to 4 hours a day of actually building my business. It is far from the full time I thought I was working it but, I am consistent and I am focused during those hours I am working my business. I don’t waist a lot of time “getting ready to get ready”. I take massive action during those precious 2 to 4 hours everyday!

Every Sunday night or early Monday morning I have created a habit of going over my master list. I have noticed I am constantly racking my brain of who I know and I write them down on a 3 x 5 card as soon as a person comes to my mind. I don’t wait to call them either.

Last week I was thinking of an old friend I grow up with in my neighborhood. I have run in to him a few times over the years, forgotten I had his cell number and called him up. I asked him what he was doing. Within in 20 minutes we met and he was signed up. Come to find out, he was looking for something on the side. If I wouldn’t of acted, I may have missed the chance to partner up with him in Sendoutcards and help him get started.

I remember a seminar I went to about 15 years ago with Brian Tracy. He said, “If you move toward success, success moves toward you”. I have found that if I just focus on thinking of people I know, write them down on my list, call them, not worrying about the results just the activity, my mind is opened to new people that have been in the cobwebs of my brain waiting to come out. Success moves towards me as I continually write and rewrite my list of people. But, if I wait to contact them or hesitate, the flow of names seems to stop, almost like success is saying, “I can’t move towards you unless you think, write and take action!”

Another thing I do is have a stack of FastStart CD and guides with plenty of DVDs. I have to admit, I fell like I cheated a bit on Friday. I was at the Sendoutcards office and the new Opportunity and FastStart booklet had just come in and I bought 100 of them before they even got out of the box!

I wish I could take credit for it, but this is SuperDave Smith and Kody Bateman’s brainchild. It is SOOOOO EASY TO USE!

I was in the grocery store Saturday night. I am telling you, as you move toward success, success moves towards you. Yes, I had just written down a neighbors name on a 3 x 5 cards and who I ran into at the store? You got it, my neighbor! So, he asks me what I am doing and I say, “looking for you!” He chuckled and I said, “I am not kidding. I was thinking about you and wrote your name down on this 3 x 5 card.” (as I pulled it out of my pocket) “See there is your name!” He asked, “Why?” (I have learned to take a few of the FastStart guides with me, no matter were I go, even in the store!) I grabbed a guide out of the top of the shopping cart and said, “Open it up to the first page and read the right side.” He did. I asked him what the answer to the 3rd question was. He said, “yes!” I told him to take the booklet and watch the DVD on the inside and call me tonight once you have watched it. I told him I only had a few and needed it back. About an hour later I got a call…

“DeMarr, this is Mark”. I asked, “Did you watch it?” He said, “Yes.” (Before he could say anything else) I said, “Do you have the booklet handy?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Mark, if you turn to the next page you will see a statement that says there are 3 types of people who join Sendoutcards…will you read that to me.” He did. I then asked, “Which one are you?” He said, “2.” I asked him if he wanted to get started tonight. He told me he didn’t have the money right now, but he would be getting paid in a week. I said, “Great! Let’s get you started with the 5 action steps so you are read to when you get paid. I then had him turn to the FastStart guide and asked him to review the guide and the DVD over the next few days. He said, “I thought you needed this back?” I told him, “Only if you weren’t interested so I could give it to the next person on my list.” He laughed.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen all the time. Yesterday, I had two people read the questions on the inside of the guide and handed the guide back and they said it wasn’t for them.

Two things you need to understand…I use the opportunity and FastStart CD and guide religiously and I pass them out everyday!

I hope this helps you out on your journey to success with your Sendoutcards business.

P.S. Excuse the spelling and grammatical error. I usually charge for then, but no charge today. :)