Saturday, September 11, 2010

Simple tools for simple people like me!

I feel so strong about the new Opportunity and FastStart Guide I have to write about it.

If you haven’t got it, you need to go to purchase products and get at least 10 of them! Kody and the team have done a great job of making this the best recruiting tool in the industry!

I have been using it and it has to be the easy tool I have ever used!!!

Here is what it looks like…

When you open to the first page the Opportunity DVD is attached to the left side and you see this on the right side...

three questions

1. Do you buy greeting cards or gifts?

2. Do you know anyone who buys greetings cards or gifts?

3. How would you like to get a percentage of every card or gift you buy or anyone else you know buys?

If you answered yes to question #3, watch the DVD and feel the magic!

When you turn the page again you see this on the left side...

three types of people

Three types of people who get involved in SendOutCards:

1. Someone who just wants to send cards and gifts.

2. Someone who wants to use the service and supplement their household income.

3. Someone who is serious about a “Plan B”, wants a lifestyle change and is interested in building a full time business.

On the right side you see this...

which one are you?

The question you need to ask yourself is, which one are you?

Turn the page again and you see this...

The rest of the booklet is the FastStart Guide and CD.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I want to show you how easy it is to use this tool.

I carry these every were I go! I have some at my house, I have them in my truck, I have them in my computer bag and as I said in my last blog, I put them in my shopping cart when I go shopping (you never know hwo you are going to run in to).

I have taken on the philosophy of "2 a day, 10 in play" with this new prospecting tool. My goal is to get 2 of these in the hands of 2 people every day and have 10 in play at all times.

The key to this is to BORROW or LEND them out. don't just give them away.

Another key is, I let the tool do the talking and the walking. Let me explain...

I was on the plane going to Connecticut Thursday. I was talking to the lady next to me and she asked what I did for a living. You would think the logical thing to would to explain. I reached into my computer bag and said, "This can explain what I do a lot better than I can." I had her turn to the first page and read the 3 questions and then asked her if yes was the answer to question # 3. He said, "Yes" and then asked her if she wouldn't mind watching the video to explain the rest of what I do. She said, "Sure!" I noticed she had an Ipod. So, I pulled out my laptop and had her watch the video.

After she watched the video, I had her turn the page of the booklet and read the 3 types of people and then I asked her "which of the 3 she was". He said a 2. I then had her turn the page again. I asked if she wanted to get started right now. She explained that she needed to talk to her husband, but really was excited!

Now listen very carefully...I said, I will give you this booklet so you can let your husband watch the DVD. I said, fill out the sign up form and take it home with you. She did.

After she filled it out, I explained that the rest of the booklet tell what we do. I asked her if she felt she could do what I had just done with her. She agreed that she could.

My new friend lives in Bountiful Utah, about 20 minute away from my house. We are going to get together on Tuesday.

I have been doing this every since the new opportunity and faststart became available.

I am telling you it works and it works well!


  1. Couldn't get much more basic and simple than that, DeMarr! Thanks for sharing your bountiful experience. See you soon in SLC!

  2. DeMarr- You have simplified the simplist (is that a word) business there is. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. See you at Seminar!!! Can't wait!! :)))

  3. I love the fast track system - it will be a fabulous tool for me in building my business. THANK YOU - THANK YOU!

  4. DeMarr

    This is great! Thanks so much.

    One question I have is where does the GAW fit in to using the new Opportunity and Fast Start Guide?

  5. You always make it sound so easy. But then again, this approach is easy.

  6. Ordered mine immediately after reading your Forum post, received them yesterday. Can't wait to do it YOUR way (meaning me not talking so much). :)

  7. Dave, I don't use the GAW. I haven't for quite sometime, unless someone says no to question and then I will send them to my site to sample the product.

  8. Great post DeMarr, Ordered a bunch awhile ago from our system. Hoping they will arrive this week and I can start using them. Hope we can purchase in bunches at Convention.

  9. Which signup form did you have her fill out?

  10. The one that is on the new opportunity and faststart guide.

  11. Awesome tool DeMarr! I received mine yesterday - can't wait to use it! Thanks

  12. Hi.
    I Purchased a supply of Fast Start Guides just before the "new" one was announced. Any availability of a printable sign-up form that can be attached to these until they are used up?

  13. This is great DeMarr.

    One question though, what percentage say yes to question 3 'how would you like to get a percentage of every card or gift you buy or anyone else you know buys?'

    And out of all those who say yest to that question pick question number 3 'how would you like to get a percentage of every card or gift you buy or anyone else you know buys?'

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    ~ David

  14. Tr6tr7, unfortunately there are none. I would purchase at least 10 of the new one and start using them.